National Aspergillosis Centre, UK

Dr Chris Steele
The first national centre for the treatment of aspergillosis sufferers will be formally launched at the University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe Hospital) on Friday May 1st 2009.

The UK National Aspergillosis Centre has been commissioned by the Department of Health, initially to provide long term care for patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. This condition is one of several types caused by the common airborne fungus Aspergillus.

The centre aims to provide comprehensive, excellent care for all patients with aspergillosis and will link specialist consultants, nurses, surgeons, radiologists and researchers with specialised laboratory facilities to reduce fatalities and deliver a better quality of care.

The centre will be opened by TV doctor Chris Steele who said it will not only provide a valuable service for patients but also provide a national focus on a little known but highly debilitating disease.

The National Commissioning Group commission medical services for specific groups of patients with extremely rare conditions or which require unusual or costly treatment and advise ministers on which NHS services are best commissioned nationally rather than locally.