Mobile phones as a reservoir for Aspergillus

A recent study in India shows that Aspergillus, amongst others can often be isolated from the mobile phones of professional health workers.
The mobile phone consists of a number of cavities and surfaces that can provide adequate moisture (from sweat) and food (the contents of pockets, human skin cells) for fungal growth. Phones are rarely if ever cleaned adequately so microbes lie largely undisturbed.

Considering that many professionals use mobile phones on and off the wards this may be another route through which Aspergillus and other infective microbes (e.g. MRSA) can get to the patient.

Outbreaks of aspergillosis occur in wards despite all the care taken to prevent the spores of the fungus gaining entry. Many routes have been considered (Barnes 2000) but maybe this relatively new source requires attention too.