Medical Codes Inadequate for Aspergillosis

B44 Aspergillosis
    Incl.: aspergilloma
  • B44.0 Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
  • B44.1 Other pulmonary aspergillosis
  • B44.2 Tonsillar aspergillosis
  • B44.7 Disseminated aspergillosis
Incl.: Generalized aspergillosis
  • B44.8 Other forms of aspergillosis
  • B44.9 Aspergillosis, unspecified
These codes are neither comprehensive, clear or particularly logical as e.g. Tonsillar aspergillosis is highly unusual and only recently described whereas infection of the sinus' is presumably lumped into the 'other forms' category and is far more common. There is no sign of ABPA. Likewise in the listing for asthma there is no sign of Severe Asthma with Fungal Sensitivity (SAFS) - both of the latter 2 categories are thought to be groups containing tens of thousands of cases.

A significant amount of work is needed to rewrite and reorganise this listing, otherwise these important groups of Aspergillus diseases will be poorly recorded and poorly funded as a consequence.