Aspergillosis: A patient's success story

Christine and Brian Lowe launching the National Aspergillosis Centre alongside Dr Chris SteeleBrian Lowe had beaten cancer and MRSA but was still ill. He coughed up copious amounts of phlegm and the normal antibiotics had no effect. His local doctor admitted defeat and referred Brian to the North West Lung Centre (NWLC) at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK.
Within the NWLC there are consultants and specialists with several different types of expertise and the facilities to diagnose and treat a wide range of respiratory illness.

Luckily the NWLC also houses the clinic that has now become the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) and Brian was quickly diagnosed as suffering from an aspergillus infection of his lungs that followed his cancer treatment (full story).
Rapid diagnosis is essential to improve the outcome for most patients suffering from all types of aspergillosis and the NAC is ideally positioned to achieve those needs alongside the Regional Medical Mycology Laboratories also .

Thankfully Brian recovered well after treatment and was well enough to help launch the National Aspergillosis Centre last week (1st May). Hopefully many more success stories will follow!