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Fetuin A, a serum component, promotes growth and biofilm formation by Aspergillus fumigatus. Toyotome T, Yamaguchi M, Iwasaki A, Watanabe A, Taguchi H, Qin L, Watanabe H, Kamei K. 2012
Mouldy feed, mycotoxins and Shiga toxin - producing Escherichia coli colonization associated with Jejunal Hemorrhage Syndrome in beef cattle. Baines D, Erb S, Turkington K, Kuldau G, Juba J, Masson L, Mazza A, Roberts R. 2011
Understanding jejunal hemorrhage syndrome. Elhanafy MM, French DD, Braun U. 2013
Typing clinical and animal environment Aspergillus fumigatus gliotoxin producer strains isolated from Brazil by PCR-RFLP markers. Soleiro CA, Pena GA, Cavaglieri LR, Coelho I, Keller LM, Dalcero AM, Rosa CA. 2013
Glionitrin A, a new diketopiperazine disulfide, activates ATM-ATR-Chk1/2 via 53BP1 phosphorylation in DU145 cells and shows antitumor effect in xenograft model. Kim YJ, Park HB, Yoo JH, Kwon HC, Kim J, Yang HO. 2014
Notable fibrolytic enzyme production by Aspergillus spp. isolates from the gastrointestinal tract of beef cattle fed in lignified pastures. Abrão FO, Duarte ER, Pessoa MS, Santos VLD, Freitas Júnior LF, Barros KO, Hughes AFDS, Silva TD, Rodriguez NM. 2017
Molecular characterization of Aspergillus fumigatus isolated from raw cow milk in Argentina: Molecular typing of A. fumigatus from raw cow milk. Pena GA, Alonso V, Manini MV, Pellegrino M, Cavaglieri LR. 2018
Evolution of fungal populations in corn silage conserved under polyethylene or biodegradable films. Spadaro D, Bustos-Lopez MP, Gullino ML, Piano S, Tabacco E, Borreani G. 2015
Abundance, genetic diversity and sensitivity to demethylation inhibitor fungicides of Aspergillus fumigatus isolates from organic substrates with special emphasis on compost. Santoro K, Matić S, Gisi U, Spadaro D, Pugliese M, Gullino ML. 2017
Risk Factors for Invasive Fungal Disease in Pediatric Cancer and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Systematic Review. Fisher BT, Robinson PD, Lehrnbecher T, Steinbach WJ, Zaoutis TE, Phillips B, Sung L. 2018


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