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‘Real-life’ analysis of the role of antifungal prophylaxis in preventing invasive aspergillosis in AML patients undergoing consolidation therapy: Sorveglianza Epidemiologica Infezioni nelle Emopatie (SEIFEM) 2016 study Del Principe MI, Dragonetti G, Verga L, Candoni A, Marchesi F, Cattaneo C, Delia M, Potenza L, Farina F, Ballanti S, Decembrino N, Castagnola C, Nadali G, Fanci R, Orciulo E, Veggia B, Offidani M, Melillo L, Manetta S, Tumbarello M, Venditti A, Busca A, Aversa F, Pagano L; Sorveglianza Epidemiologica Infezioni nelle Emopatie (SEIFEM) Group. 2019
Therapeutic drug monitoring and adverse events of delayed-release posaconazole tablets in patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Kosmidis C, Rodriguez-Goncer I, Rautemaa-Richardson R, Richardson MD, Moore CB, Denning DW 2019
Fungal Infections Complicating Lung Transplantation. Clark NM, Weigt SS, Fishbein MC, Kubak B, Belperio JA, Lynch JP 3rd. 2019
Epidemiology of antifungal susceptibility: Review of literature. Hadrich I, Ayadi A. 2019
Posaconazole in immunocompromised pediatric patients. Vicenzi EB, Cesaro S. 2019
Microbiological findings in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from lung transplant patients in Sweden. Stjärne Aspelund A, Hammarström H, Inghammar M, Larsson H, Hansson L, Riise GC, Friman V, Christensson B, Påhlman LI. 2019
Fungal sinusitis among patients with chronic rhinosinusitis who underwent endoscopic sinus surgery. Leszczyńska J, Stryjewska-Makuch G, Lisowska G, Kolebacz B, Michalak-Kolarz M. 2019
The significance of tissue biopsy for fungi in necrotizing otitis externa. Abu Eta R, Gavriel H, Stephen K, Eviatar E, Yeheskeli E. 2019
Predictive ability of bedside nasal endoscopy to diagnose invasive fungal sinusitis in a pediatric population. Mulvey CL, Rizzi MD, Buzi A. 2019
Molecular diagnostics in medical mycology. Wickes BL, Wiederhold NP. 2019


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