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The Fungal CYP51s: Their Functions, Structures, Related Drug Resistance, and Inhibitors. Zhang J, Li L, Lv Q, Yan L, Wang Y, Jiang Y. 2019
Critical Process Parameters in Manufacturing of Liposomal Formulations Of Amphotericin B. Rivnay B, Wakim J, Avery K, Petrochenko P, Hye Myung J, Kozak D, Yoon S, Landrau N, Nivorozhkin A. 2019
Wedelolactone suppresses IL-1β maturation and neutrophil infiltration in Aspergillus fumigatus keratitis. Cheng M, Lin J, Li C, Zhao W, Yang H, Lv L, Che C. 2019
Treatment of Suspected Invasive Fungal Infection in War Wounds. Rodriguez CJ, Tribble DR, Malone DL, Murray CK, Jessie EM, Khan M, Fleming ME, Potter BK, Gordon WT, Shackelford SA. 2018
Differential diagnosis of pulmonary infections in immunocompromised patients using high-resolution computed tomography. Kunihiro Y, Tanaka N, Kawano R, Yujiri T, Kubo M, Ueda K, Gondo T, Kobayashi T, Matsumoto T. 2019
Baseline predictors influencing the prognosis of invasive aspergillosis in adults. Koehler P, Salmanton-García J, Gräfe SK, Koehler FC, Mellinghoff SC, Seidel D, Steinbach A, Cornely OA. 2019
Invasive mold disease of the central nervous system in children and adolescents with cancer or undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: Analysis of 29 contemporary patients. Lauten M, Attarbaschi A, Cario G, Döring M, Moser O, Mücke U, Poyer F, Rieken S, Temme C, Voigt S, Lehrnbecher T, Groll AH. 2019
Fungal acetylome comparative analysis identifies an essential role of acetylation in human fungal pathogen virulence. Li Y, Li H, Sui M, Li M, Wang J, Meng Y, Sun T, Liang Q, Suo C, Gao X, Li C, Li Z, Du W, Zhang B, Sai S, Zhang Z, Ye J, Wang H, Yue S, Li J, Zhong M, Chen C, Qi S, Lu L, Li D, Ding C. 2019
Epidemiology and treatment approaches in management of invasive fungal infections in hematological malignancies: Results from a single-centre study. Fracchiolla NS, Sciumè M, Orofino N, Guidotti F, Grancini A, Cavalca F, Freyrie A, Goldaniga MC, Consonni D, Mattiello V, Pettine L, Cortelezzi A 2019
Burden of hospitalizations over time with invasive aspergillosis in the United States, 2004-2013. Zilberberg MD, Harrington R, Spalding JR, Shorr AF. 2019


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