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Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis commonly complicates treated pulmonary tuberculosis with residual cavitation. Page ID, Byanyima R, Hosmane S, Onyachi N, Opira C, Richardson M, Sawyer R, Sharman A, Denning DW. 2019
Anti-Aspergillus Activities of the Respiratory Epithelium in Health and Disease. Bertuzzi M, Hayes GE, Icheoku UJ, van Rhijn N, Denning DW, Osherov N, Bignell EM. 2019
Cystic fibrosis mortality trend in Italy from 1970 to 2011. Alicandro G, Frova L, Di Fraia G, Colombo C. 2019
Treatment outcomes in patients with proven/probable vs possible invasive mould disease in a phase III trial comparing isavuconazole vs voriconazole. Maertens J, Selleslag D, Heinz WJ, Saulay M, Rahav G, Giladi M, Aoun M, Kovanda L, Kaufhold A, Engelhardt M, Cornely OA, Herbrecht R, Ullmann AJ. 2019
Airborne Aspergillus fumigatus spore concentration during demolition of a building on a hospital site, and patient risk determination for invasive aspergillosis including azole resistance. Wirmann L, Ross B, Reimann O, Steinmann J, Rath PM. 2019
Aspergillus pseudodeflectus: a new human pathogen in liver transplant patients. Aït-Ammar N, Levesque E, Murat JB, Imbert S, Foulet F, Dannaoui E, Botterel F. 2019
Interactions of Aspergillus fumigatus and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in an in vitro Mixed Biofilm Model: Does the Strain Matter? Melloul E, Roisin L, Durieux MF, Woerther PL, Jenot D, Risco V, Guillot J, Dannaoui E, Decousser JW, Botterel F. 2019
Pre-Existing Liver Disease and Toxicity of Antifungals. Spernovasilis N, Kofteridis DP. 2019
Strategies for the management of invasive fungal infections due to filamentous fungi in high-risk hemato-oncological patients. Vallejo C, Fortún J; Study Group for IFI management. 2019
Invasive aspergillosis in critically ill patients Ramírez P, Garnacho-Montero J. 2019


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