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Asperpyrone-Type Bis-Naphtho-γ-Pyrones with COX-2-Inhibitory Activities from Marine-Derived Fungus Aspergillus niger. Fang W, Lin X, Wang J, Liu Y, Tao H, Zhou X. 2016
New Cyclotetrapeptides and a New Diketopiperzine Derivative from the Marine Sponge-Associated Fungus Neosartorya glabra KUFA 0702. May Zin WW, Buttachon S, Dethoup T, Fernandes C, Cravo S, Pinto MM, Gales L, Pereira JA, Silva AM, Sekeroglu N, Kijjoa A. 2016
Aspergivones A and B, two new flavones isolated from a gorgonian-derived Aspergillus candidus fungus. Ma J, Zhang XL, Wang Y, Zheng JY, Wang CY, Shao CL. 2016
Versicones E-H and arugosin K produced by the mangrove-derived fungus Aspergillus versicolor HDN11-84. Li F, Guo W, Che Q, Zhu T, Gu Q, Li D. 2016
GLIOTOXIN (MINIREVIEW) (Paper in Russian - ГЛИОТОКСИН (КРАТКИЙ ОБЗОР)) Ryabinin I.A. (assistant of the chair), Vasilyev O.D. (associated professor), Bataeva X.D. (student of faculty of preventive medicine), Erschova A.I. (student of faculty of preventive medicine) Рябинин И.А. (ассистент кафедры)’, Васильев О.Д. (доцент кафедры), Батаева К.Д. (студент медикопрофилактического факультета), Ершова А.И. (студент медико-профилактического факультета) 2015
Recent advances in mycotoxins detection Ruchika Chauhan, Jay Singh, Tushar Sachdev, T.Basu, B.D.Malhotra 2016
Interactions among filamentous fungi Aspergillus niger, Fusarium verticillioides and Clonostachys rosea: fungal biomass, diversity of secreted metabolites and fumonisin production Chatterjee S, Kuang Y, Splivallo R, Chatterjee P, Karlovsky P. 2016
Eremophilane Sesquiterpenes from a Deep Marine-Derived Fungus, Aspergillus sp. SCSIOW2, Cultivated in the Presence of Epigenetic Modifying Agents. Wang L, Li M, Tang J, Li X. 2016
rtfA, a putative RNA-Pol II transcription elongation factor gene, is necessary for normal morphological and chemical development in Aspergillus flavus. Lohmar JM, Harris-Coward PY, Cary JW, Dhingra S, Calvo AM 2016
Enhancement of Echinocandin B Production by a UV- and Microwave-Induced Mutant of Aspergillus nidulans with Precursor- and Biotin-Supplying Strategy. Hu ZC, Peng LY, Zheng YG 2016