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Imaging mass spectrometry-guided fast identification of antifungal secondary metabolites from Penicillium polonicum. Bai J, Zhang P, Bao G, Gu JG, Han L, Zhang LW, Xu Y. 2018
Emerixanthone E, a new xanthone derivative from deep sea fungus Emericella sp SCSIO 05240. Fredimoses M, Zhou X, Ai W, Tian X, Yang B, Lin X, Liu J, Liu Y. 2018
Systems impact of zinc chelation by the epipolythiodioxopiperazine dithiol gliotoxin in Aspergillus fumigatus: a new direction in natural product functionality. Saleh AA, Jones GW, Tinley FC, Delaney SF, Alabbadi SH, Fenlon K, Doyle S, Owens RA 2018
Banksialactones and Banksiamarins: Isochromanones and Isocoumarins from an Australian Fungus, Aspergillus banksianus. Chaudhary NK, Pitt JI, Lacey E, Crombie A, Vuong D, Piggott AM, Karuso P. 2018
Phytotoxic, Antifungal and Immunosuppressive Metabolites from Aspergillus terreus QT122 Isolated from the Gut of Dragonfly. Lu YH, Jin LP, Kong LC, Zhang YL. 2018
Antituberculosis compounds from a deep-sea-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. SCSIO Ind09F01. Luo X, Zhou X, Lin X, Qin X, Zhang T, Wang J, Tu Z, Yang B, Liao S, Tian Y, Pang X, Kaliyaperumal K, Li JL, Tao H, Liu Y 2017
A Concise History of Mycotoxin Research. Pitt JI, Miller JD. 2017
Metabolites with Insecticidal Activity from Aspergillus fumigatus JRJ111048 Isolated from Mangrove Plant Acrostichum specioum Endemic to Hainan Island. Guo Z,, Gai C,, Cai C,, Chen L,, Liu S,, Zeng Y,, Yuan J,, Mei W,, Dai H 2017
A Review of the Mycotoxin Enniatin B Prosperini A, Berrada H, Ruiz MJ, Caloni F, Coccini T, Spicer LJ, Perego MC, Lafranconi A 2017
Invasive Aspergillus terreus morphological transitions and immunoadaptations mediating antifungal resistance Bengyella L, Yekwa EL, Subhani MN, Tambo E, Nawaz K, Hetsa BA, Iftikhar S, Waikhom SD, Roy P. 2017