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α-Glucosidase Inhibitors From the Coral-Associated Fungus Aspergillus terreus. Liu M, Qi C, Sun W, Shen L, Wang J, Liu J, Lai Y, Xue Y, Hu Z, Zhang Y 2018
Cytochathiazines A-C: Three Merocytochalasans with a 2 H-1,4-Thiazine Functionality from Coculture of Chaetomium globosum and Aspergillus flavipes. Wang W, Zeng F, Bie Q, Dai C, Chen C, Tong Q, Liu J, Wang J, Zhou Y, Zhu H, Zhang Y 2018
Aspergilates A to E, second metabolites from Aspergillus sp. isolated from Paeonia ostii. Wang JT, Zhang PL, Liu JS, Wang GK, Xu FQ, Chen L, Yu Y, Wang G 2018
Butenolides from a marine-derived fungus Aspergillus terreus with antitumor activities against pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells. Qi C, Gao W, Guan D, Wang J, Liu M, Chen C, Zhu H, Zhou Y, Lai Y, Hu Z, Zhou Q, Zhang Y 2018
Terretonin D1, a new meroterpenoid from marine-derived Aspergillus terreus ML-44. Yang MS, Zhang YX, Liu XM 2018
New 3,5-dimethylorsellinic acid-based meroterpenoids with BACE1 and AchE inhibitory activities from Aspergillus terreus. Qi C, Qiao Y, Gao W, Liu M, Zhou Q, Chen C, Lai Y, Xue Y, Zhang J, Li D, Wang J, Zhu H, Hu Z, Zhou Y, Zhang Y 2018
Potential Antiviral Xanthones from a Coastal Saline Soil Fungus Aspergillus iizukae. Kang HH, Zhang HB, Zhong MJ, Ma LY, Liu DS, Liu WZ, Ren H 2018
Diphenyl Ethers from a Marine-Derived Aspergillus sydowii Wang YN, Mou YH, Dong Y, Wu Y, Liu BY, Bai J, Yan DJ, Zhang L, Feng DQ, Pei YH, Hu YC. 2018
Role of Downregulation and Phosphorylation of Cofilin in Polarized Growth, MpkA Activation and Stress Response of Aspergillus fumigatus. Jia X, Zhang X, Hu Y, Hu M, Han X, Sun Y, Han L. 2018
Glionitrin A, a new diketopiperazine disulfide, activates ATM-ATR-Chk1/2 via 53BP1 phosphorylation in DU145 cells and shows antitumor effect in xenograft model. Kim YJ, Park HB, Yoo JH, Kwon HC, Kim J, Yang HO. 2014