Long term survival of a dog with disseminated Aspergillus deflectus infection without definitive treatment.


Bennett PF, Talbot JJ, Martin P, Kidd SE, Makara M, Barrs VR.
Med Mycol Case Rep. 2018 Jul 10;22:1-3


Canine disseminated fungal infection by Aspergillus species carries a guarded to grave prognosis as they often rapidly progress and are refractory to treatment with many euthanased soon after diagnosis. This case report describes a 2.5 year old female spayed German Shepherd Dog diagnosed with disseminated Aspergillus deflectus infection for which definitive treatment was declined by the owners. With only palliative management the dog survived three years and two months before succumbing to chronic kidney disease.


Aspergillus deflectus; Disseminated aspergillosis; Palliative care; Survival