Influence of Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis Treatment on Isavuconazole Plasma Levels in Critically Ill Patients.


Lahmer T, Batres Baires G, Heilmaier M, Schmid RM, Sörgel F, Kinzig M, Huber W, Mayr U, Rasch S.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2019 Oct 22;63(11). pii: e01162-19.


Isavuconazole plasma concentrations were measured before and after sustained low-efficiency dialysis (SLEDtreatment in 22 critically ill adult patients with probable invasive aspergillosis and underlying hematological malignancies. Isavuconazole levels were significantly lower after SLED treatment (5.73 versus 3.36 μg/ml; P < 0.001). However, even after SLED treatmentisavuconazole concentrations exceeded the in vivo MICs for several relevant Aspergillus species.