Fatal Aspergillus flavus rhinitis with gastrointestinal gaseous distension in a Cape porcupine.


Jalenques MD, Ferrell ST, Limoges MJ, Lair S.
J Vet Diagn Invest. 2019 May 22


An adult female Cape porcupine ( Hystrix africaeaustralis) was presented because of marked abdominal distension, acute dyspnea, and lethargy. Physical examination and standard radiographs revealed marked and diffuse gaseous dilation of the stomach and intestines of undetermined origin. The porcupine died despite medical therapy and surgical intervention. Postmortem examination revealed chronic fungal ( Aspergillus flavus) rhinitis. Given that rodents are obligate nasal breathers, the rhinitis likely resulted in substantial upper airway obstruction leading to aerophagia.