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Prophylaxis of mould infections. Moreno-García E, Chumbita M, Puerta-Alcalde P, Cardozo C, García-Vidal C. 2019
Assessing pharmacokinetic differences in Caucasian and East Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) populations driven by CYP2C19 polymorphism using physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling. Zhou L, Sharma P, Yeo KR, Higashimori M, Xu H, Al-Huniti N, Zhou D. 2019
A Large Case-series of Successful Treatment of Patients Exposed to Mold and Mycotoxin. Rea WJ 2019
Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for invasive pulmonary fungal infection in haematology patients. Ma H, Wang J, Ma X, Zheng S, Ma H, Ge J. 2019
Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Posaconazole Administered by Intravenous Solution and Oral Tablet in Healthy Chinese Subjects and Effect of Food on Tablet Bioavailability. Li H, Wei Y, Zhang S, Xu L, Jiang J, Qiu Y, Mangin E, Zhao XM, Xie S. 2019
A systematic review of the impact of antifungal stewardship interventions in the United States. Hart E, Nguyen M, Allen M, Clark CM, Jacobs DM. 2019
Classification of Trauma-Associated Invasive Fungal Infections to Support Wound Treatment Decisions. Ganesan A, Shaikh F, Bradley W, Blyth DM, Bennett D, Petfield JL, Carson ML, Wells JM, Tribble DR; Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program Trauma Infectious Disease Outcomes Study Group. 2019
Invasive Fungal Disease, Isavuconazole Treatment Failure, and Death in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients. Bellanger AP, Berceanu A, Scherer E, Desbrosses Y, Daguindau E, Rocchi S, Millon L. 2019
Resistance mechanism and proteins in Aspergillus species against antifungal agents. Shishodia SK, Tiwari S, Shankar J. 2019
Biochemical and cellular activity of chemically synthesized elastase inhibitor (S-AFUEI) from Aspergillus fumigatus. Fukui Y1, Okumura Y2, Uchiya K3, Komori Y3, Ogawa K4, Nikai T3, Hasegawa Y5. 2019


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