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Fungal Diversity in Intertidal Mudflats and Abandoned Solar Salterns as a Source for Biological Resources. Heo YM, Lee H, Kim K, Kwon SL, Park MY, Kang JE, Kim GH, Kim BS, Kim JJ. 2019
Invasive Fungal Carotiditis: A Rare Manifestation of Cranial Invasive Fungal Disease: Case Series and Systematic Review of the Literature. Little JS, Cheng MP, Hsu L, Corrales CE, Marty FM. 2019
High-dose posaconazole for azole-resistant aspergillosis and other difficult-to-treat mould infections. Schauwvlieghe AFAD, Buil JB, Verweij PE, Hoek RAS, Cornelissen JJ, Blijlevens NMA, Henriet SSV, Rijnders BJA, Brüggemann RJM. 2020
Epidemiology, Utilization of Health Care Resources, and Outcome of Invasive Fungal Diseases following Pediatric Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Linke C, Ehlert K, Ahlmann M, Fröhlich B, Mohring D, Burkhardt B, Rössig C, Groll AH. 2019
Serious Infections in Patients Receiving Ibrutinib for Treatment of Lymphoid Cancer. Varughese T, Taur Y, Cohen N, Palomba ML, Seo SK, Hohl TM, Redelman-Sidi G. 2018
The feared five fungal infections in kidney transplant recipients: A single-center 20-year experience. Parajuli S, Wick A, Pandeya S, Astor BC, Smith J, Djamali A, Mandelbrot DA. 2018
Fluorescent peptides for imaging of fungal cells. Zhao C, Mendive-Tapia L, Vendrell M. 2019
Risk factors of infection-associated mortality in children with lupus nephritis in under-resourced areas. Rianthavorn P, Prurapark P. 2019
The negative cofactor 2 complex is a key regulator of drug resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus Furukawa T, van Rhijn N, Fraczek M, Gsaller F, Davies E, Carr P, Gago S, Fortune-Grant R, Rahman S, Gilsenan JM, Houlder E, Kowalski CH, Raj S, Paul S, Cook P, Parker JE, Kelly S, Cramer RA, Latgé JP, Moye-Rowley S, Bignell E, Bowyer P, Bromley MJ. 2020
Antifungal Drugs: Special Problems Treating Central Nervous System Infections. Ashley ED. 2019


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