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Airway mycosis in allergic airway disease. Li E, Knight JM, Wu Y, Luong A, Rodriguez A, Kheradmand F, Corry DB. 2019
Invasive Aspergillosis by Aspergillus flavus: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Antifungal Resistance, and Management. Rudramurthy SM, Paul RA, Chakrabarti A, Mouton JW, Meis JF. 2019
Fungal infections models: current progress of ex vivo methods. Quatrin PM, Flores Dalla Lana D, Andrzejewski Kaminski TF, Fuentefria AM. 2019
Extracellular vesicles of human pathogenic fungi. Bielska E, May RC. 2019
Fast-track development of an in vitro 3D lung/immune cell model to study Aspergillus infections. Chandorkar P, Posch W, Zaderer V, Blatzer M, Steger M, Ammann CG, Binder U, Hermann M, Hörtnagl P, Lass-Flörl C, Wilflingseder D. 2017
The Significance of Repeat Cultures in the Treatment of Severe Fungal Keratitis. Ray KJ, Prajna NV, Lalitha P, Rajaraman R, Krishnan T, Patel S, Das M, Shah R, Dhakhwa K, McLeod SD, Zegans ME, Acharya NR, Lietman TM, Rose-Nussbaumer J; Mycotic Ulcer Treatment Trial Group. 2018
In Vivo Confocal Microscopy Cellular Features of Host and Organism in Bacterial, Fungal, and Acanthamoeba Keratitis. Chidambaram JD, Prajna NV, Palepu S, Lanjewar S, Shah M, Elakkiya S, Macleod D, Lalitha P, Burton MJ. 2018
Validation of a simplified in vitro Transwell® model of the alveolar surface to assess host immunity induced by different morphotypes of Aspergillus fumigatus. Morton CO, Wurster S, Fliesser M, Ebel F, Page L, Hünniger K, Kurzai O, Schmitt AL, Michel D, Springer J, Einsele H, Loeffler J. 2018
The cost-effectiveness of isavuconazole compared to the standard of care in the treatment of patients with invasive fungal infection prior to differential pathogen diagnosis in the United Kingdom. Floros L, Pagliuca A, Taie AA, Weidlich D, Capparella MR, Georgallis M, Sung AH. 2019
Dysbiotic microbiota in autistic children and their mothers: persistence of fungal and bacterial wall-deficient L-form variants in blood. Markova N. 2019


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