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Current Status of Nonculture Methods for Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections Yeo SF, Wong B. 2002
Prevention du risque aspergillaire chez les patients immunodeprimes (hematologie, transplantation) J. Fabry, MF Blech, Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy, F Carpentier, Anaes Paris, C. Cordonnier, Creteil, B Dopont, Paris D. Fiere, Lyon JP Gachie, Bordeaux B Grandbastien, Lille R. Herbrecht, Strasbourg, B Leclercq, Villejuif, M Leporrier, Caen JC Lucet 2000
Adhesion of Aspergillus spp. to biomaterials A. Gonçalves Rodrigues, S. Silva, M. Vale, R. Araujo, C. Pina-Vaz 2002
Alveolar macrophages are destroyed by their interaction with Aspergillus fumigatus condia and lung surfactant C. Jarstrand, N. Gross, P. Camner, B. Zhivotovsky 2002
Are Fungi Involved in the Atherosclerosis Process? E. Moalic, J.-P. Elkaim, J. Mansourati, P. Gouny, L. Doucet, J.-J. Blanc, A.-M. Le Flohic 2002
Profiles of airborne fungi in buildings and outdoor environments in the United States: Fungi that trigger allergies go under scrutiny Update by Virginia Gewin, based on an article by Shelton, B.G 2002
Pharmacokinetic Optimization of Itraconazole Therapy Lewis RE 2002
Mycoses at dawn of XXI Century / Las micosis en el amanecerdel Siglo XXI Quindós G 2002
Mycoses in HIV-infected patients in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (Article in Spanish) JM Santamaría Jáuregui & Z Zubero Sulibarria 2002
Invasive infection by Aspergillus and other filamentous fungi in solid organ transplant recipients / Infeccià³n invasora por Aspergillus y otros hongos filamentosos en enfermos con trasplante de à³rgano sà³lido M Montejo 2002


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