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Aspergillus mycotoxins and their effect on the host. Kamei K, Watanabe A 2005
Immunohistochemical detection of fungal elements in the tissues of goslings with pulmonary and systemic aspergillosis Beytut E, Ozcan K, Erginsoy S 2004
Sorption of 241Am by Aspergillus niger spore and hyphae Yuanyou Yang,1* Ning Liu,1 Shunzhong Luo,2 Jiali Liao,1 Jiannan Jin,1 Taiming Zhang,2 Pengji Zhao2 2004
The Influence of High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration on Mortality and Fungal Infection among Highly Immunosuppressed Patients: A Systematic Review Tim Eckmanns, Henning Rüden, and Petra Gastmeier 2006
Conserved Fungal Genes as Potential Targets for Broad-Spectrum Antifungal Drug Discovery Mengping Liu,1 Matthew D. Healy,2 Brian A. Dougherty,2 Kim M. Esposito,3 Trina C. Maurice,1 Charles E. Mazzucco,1 Robert E. Bruccoleri,2 Daniel B. Davison,2 Marybeth Frosco,1 John F. Barrett,1 and Ying-Kai Wang1* 2006
The role of ostiomeatal complex obstruction in maxillary fungus ball Tsai TL, Guo YC, Ho CY, Lin CZ 2006
Low genetic variation and no detectable population structure in aspergillus fumigatus compared to closely related Neosartorya species. Rydholm C, Szakacs G, Lutzoni F 2006
Emergency surgery for massive haemoptysis. Metin M, Sayar A, Turna A, Solak O, Erkan L, Dincer SI, Bedirhan MA, Gurses A. 2005
Transcriptome analysis of Aspergillus fumigatus exposed to voriconazole. Ferreira ME, Malavazi I, Savoldi M, Brakhage AA, Goldman MH, Kim HS, Nierman WC, Goldman GH. 2006
Disruption of the Aspergillus fumigatus ECM33 homologue results in rapid conidial germination, antifungal resistance and hypervirulence Romano J, Nimrod G, Ben-Tal N, Shadkchan Y, Baruch K, Sharon H, Osherov N. 2006


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