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Mycological control and surveillance of biological waste and compost Beffa T, Staib F, Lott Fischer J, Lyon P-F, Gumowski P, Marfenina OE, Dunoyer-Geindre S, Georgen F, Roch-Susuki R, Gallaz L, LatgÉ JP 1998
Report on an European Science Foundation Workshop on Aspergillus and Aspergillosis (Diagnosis) David W Denning 1999
Methods for sampling Aspergillus spores in air George Morris, Maarit Kokki, Malcolm Richardson 1999
Report on a European Science Foundation workshop on invasive aspergillosis Dr David W Denning, Dr Jean-Paul Latge, Professor Pietro Martino, Dennis Dixon, Dr Albert Pahissa, Dr Chris Poynton, Professor Paulo Grossi, Dr Emmanuel Roilides, Dr Stephan Bretagne, Dr Reinhard Ruchel, Dr Juan-Luis Rodriguez-Tudela, Dr J Brown 1999
Aspergillosis in neonates and infants at or below 3 months of age Andreas H. Groll and Rolf L.Schloesser 1999
Cerebral aspergillosis in an infant with corticosteroid - resistant nephrotic syndrome Roilides E, Pavlidou E, Papadopoulos F, Panteliadis C, Farmaki E, Tamiolaki M, Sotiriou J 2003
Three new chlorine containing antibiotics from a marine-derived fungus Aspergillus ostianus collected in Pohnpei Namikoshi M, Negishi R, Nagai H, Dmitrenok A, Kobayashi H 2003
The role of the Aspergillus niger furin-type protease gene in processing of fungal proproteins and fusion proteins Evidence for alternative processing of recombinant (fusion-) proteins P.J. Punt, A. Drint-Kuijvenhoven, B.C. Lokmana, J.A. Spencer, D. Jeenes, D.A. Archer, C.A.M.J.J. van den Hondel 2003
Itraconazole preexposure attenuates the efficacy of subsequent amphotericin B therapy in murine model of acute invasive pulmonary aspergillosis Lewis RE, Prince RA, Chi J, Kontoyiannis DP 2002
POSACONAZOLE: Pharmacology and drug interactions Dr Helen Sambatakou 2002


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