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Mycotoxin producing fungi ML Abarca, MR Bragulat, G Castellá, F Accensi & FJ Cabañes 2000
Mycoses in domestic animals ME García Sánchez & JL Blanco 2000
Extracellular ABTS-oxidizing activity of autochthonous fungal strains from Argentina in solid medium Mario Carlos Nazareno Saparrat, AM Margarita Bucsinszky, H Alfio Tournier, MN Cabello & AM Arambarri 2000
Unusual fungal species causing onychomycosis Olga López-Jodra y Josep M Torres-Rodríguez 1999
Fungal infections in the transplant recipient and laboratory methods for diagnosis MT LaRocco & SJ Burgert 1997
Mycology with molecular probes BC Kline, GS Sandhu & GD Roberts 1997
Caspofungin versus liposomal amphotericin B for empirical antifungal therapy in patients with persistent fever and neutropenia. Walsh TJ, Teppler H, Donowitz GR, Maertens JA, Baden LR, Dmoszynska A, Cornely OA, Bourque MR, Lupinacci RJ, Sable CA, dePauw BE. 2004
Rapid differentiation of Aspergillus species from other medically important opportunistic molds and yeasts by PCR-enzyme immunoassay de Aguirre L, Hurst SF, Choi JS, Shin JH, Hinrikson HP, Morrison CJ. 2004
Guidelines for the use of antifungal agents in the treatment of invasive Candida and mould infections Slavin MA, Szer J, Grigg AP, Roberts AW, Seymour JF, Sasadeusz J, Thursky K, Chen SC, Morrissey CO, Heath CH, Sorrell AT. 2004
Two years of a fungal aerobiocontamination survey in a Florentine haematology ward Pini G, Donato R, Faggi E, Fanci R 2004


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