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Occupational exposure to airborne fungi among rice mill workers with special reference to aflatoxin producing A. flavus strains. Desai MR, Ghosh S. 2003
CADRE: the Central Aspergillus Data REpository J. E. Mabey, M. J. Anderson, P. F. Giles, C. J. Miller, T. K. Attwood N. W. Paton, E. Bornberg-Bauer, G. D. Robson, S. G. Oliver and D. W. Denning 2004
Aspergillus: the invisible threat. Kibbler C 2003
Molecular Diagnosis of Cerebral Aspergillosis by Sequence Analysis With Panfungal Polymerase Chain Reaction Komatsu H, Fujisawa T, Inui A, Horiuchi K, Hashizume H, Sogo T, Sekine I 2004
Salvage therapy with voriconazole for invasive fungal infections in patients failing or intolerant to standard antifungal therapy Baden LR, Katz JT, Fishman JA, Koziol C, DelVecchio A, Doran M, Rubin RH 2003
Determination of vitreous, aqueous, and plasma concentration of orally administered voriconazole in humans Hariprasad SM, Mieler WF, Holz ER, Gao H, Kim JE, Chi J, Prince RA 2004
Aspergillus niger mstA encodes a high affinity sugar: H+ symporter which is regulated in response to extracellular pH Patricia A. vanKuyk, Jasper A. Diderich, Andrew P. MacCabe, Oscar Hererro, George J.G. Ruijter and Jaap Visser 2004
Burden of hospitalization of patients with Candida and Aspergillus infections in Australia Slavin M, Fastenau J, Sukarom I, Mavros P, Crowley S, Gerth WC 2004
Aspergillus fumigatus rasA and rasB regulate the timing and morphology of asexual development. Fortwendel JR, Panepinto JC, Seitz AE, Askew DS, Rhodes JC. 2004
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis without clinical asthma caused by Aspergillus niger Shah A, Maurya V, Panjabi C, Khanna P. 2004


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