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Antifungal therapy in children with invasive fungal infections: a systematic review Blyth CC, Palasanthiran P, O'Brien TA 2007
The Aspergillus nidulans pkcA gene is involved in polarized growth, morphogenesis and maintenance of cell wall integrity Ronen R, Sharon H, Levdansky E, Romano J, Shadkchan Y, Osherov N 2007
Update on the contribution of galactomannan for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis Aquino VR, Goldani LZ, Pasqualotto AC 2007
Generic substitution of itraconazole resulting in sub-therapeutic levels and resistance Pasqualotto AC, Denning DW 2007
Efficacy and safety of voriconazole as an additive in Optisol GS: a preservation medium for corneal donor tissue Ritterband DC, Shah MK, Meskin SW, Seedor JA, Koplin RS, Perez W, Yang R, Hu DN, Dahl P 2007
The β-1,3-exoglucanase gene exgA (exg1) of Aspergillus oryzae is required to catabolize extracellular glucan, and is induced in growth on a solid surface Tamano K, Satoh Y, Ishii T, Terabayashi Y, Ohtaki S, Sano M, Takahashi T, Koyama Y, Mizutani O, Abe K, Machida M 2007
Cloning and functional expression of the mitochondrial alternative oxidase of Aspergillus fumigatus and its induction by oxidative stress Magnani T, Soriani FM, Martins VP, Nascimento AM, Tudella VG, Curti C, Uyemura SA 2007
Detection of Aspergillus spp. in biological samples by real-time PCR Bolehovska R, Pliskova L, Buchta V, Cerman J, Hamal P 2006
Bronchoalveolar lavage galactomannan in the diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis among solid organ transplant recipients Clancy CJ, Jaber RA, Leather HL, Wingard JR, Staley B, Wheat LJ, Cline CL, Rand KH, Schain D, Baz M, Nguyen MH 2007
Purification and Characterization of the Fe(II)- and α-Ketoglutarate-Dependent Xanthine Hydroxylase from Aspergillus nidulans Montero-Morán GM, Li M, Rendòn-Huerta E, Jourdan F, Lowe DJ, Stumpff-Kane AW, Feig M, Scazzocchio C, Hausinger RP 2007


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