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Chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by Aspergillus complicated with pulmonary aspergilloma. Yoshimoto A, Ichikawa Y, Waseda Y, Yasui M, Fujimura M, Hebisawa A, Nakao S. 2004
Influence of Interleukin-10 on Aspergillus fumigatus Infection in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Jacques Brouard et. al. 2005
Anti-fungal activity of sulfamethoxazole toward Aspergillus species. Hida S, Yoshida M, Nakabayashi I, Miura NN, Adachi Y, Ohno N. 2005
New antifungal drugs and the pediatric cancer patient: current status of clinical development. Groll AH, Lehrnbecher T. 2005
Differences in interactions between azole drugs related to modifications in the 14-alpha sterol demethylase gene (cyp51A) of Aspergillus fumigatus. Garcia-Effron G, Mellado E, Gomez-Lopez A, Alcazar-Fuoli L, Cuenca-Estrella M, Rodriguez-Tudella JM 2005
Increased frequency of non-fumigatus Aspergillus species in amphotericin B- or triazole-pre-exposed cancer patients with positive cultures for aspergilli Lionakis MS, Lewis RE, Torres HA, Albert ND, Raad II, Kontoyiannis DP. 2005
Ethnic and gender differences in bone erosion in allergic fungal sinusitis Wise SK, Venkatraman G, Wise JC, DelGaudio JM. 2004
The zrfA and zrfB genes of Aspergillus fumigatus encode the zinc transporter proteins of a zinc uptake system induced in an acid, zinc-depleted environment Vicentefranqueira R, Moreno MA, Leal F, Calera JA. 2005
The dynamic behaviour of microtubules and their contributions to hyphal tip growth in Aspergillus nidulans Sampson K, Heath IB. 2005
Risk Factors for Invasive Aspergillosis in Solid-Organ Transplant Recipients: A Case-Control Study J. Gavalda, O. Len, R. San Juan, J. M. Aguado, J. Fortun, C. Lumbreras, A. Moreno, P. Munoz, M. Blanes, A. Ramos, G. Rufi, M. Gurgui, J. Torre-Cisneros, M. Montejo, M. Cuenca-Estrella, J. L. Rodriguez-Tudela, and A. Pahissa, for RESITRA (Spanish Network 2005


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