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Multidrug resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus Warris A, Weemaes CM, Verweij PE 2002
Aflatoxicosis (acute aflatoxin poisoning) Denning DW 2004
Indoor mold linked to lung problems, but not to other illnesses By ROB STEIN 2004
The mystery of fungal infection in the guttural pouches Lepage OM, Perron MF, Cadore JL 2004
Polyclonal Aspergillus fumigatus infection in captive penguins Alvarez-Perez S, Mateos A, Dominguez L, Martinez-Nevado E, Blanco JL, Garcia ME 2010
Fungal isolation and enumeration in foods. Bueno DJ, Silva JO, Oliver G 2004
Invasive fungal sinusitis: a 15-year review from a single institution. Parikh SL, Venkatraman G, DelGaudio JM 2004
Involvement of Secreted Aspergillus fumigatus Tanya V. Kogan, Jeries Jadoun, Leonid Mittelman, Koret Hirschberg, and Nir Osherov 2004
Prophylaxis and treatment of fungal infections Spanish Society of Chemotherapy and Spanish Society for Hematology and Hemotherapy 2002
Pulmonary aspergillosis outbreak in Rhea americana in southern Brazil Copetti MV, Segabinazi SD, Flores ML, Alves SH, Santurio JM 2004


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