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Hepatic uptake of the novel antifungal agent caspofungin. Sandhu P, Lee W, Xu X, Leake BF, Yamazaki M, Stone JA, Lin JH, Pearson PG, Kim RB. 2005
Mold sensitization is common amongst patients with severe asthma requiring multiple hospital admissions B Ronan O'Driscoll , Linda C Hopkinson and David W Denning 2005
Association between sensitization to Aureobasidium pullulans (Pullularia sp) and severity of asthma Niedoszytko M, Chełmińska M, Jassem E, Czestochowska E 2007
Evidence for sexuality in the opportunistic fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus. Paoletti M, Rydholm C, Schwier EU, Anderson MJ, Szakacs G, Lutzoni F, Debeaupuis JP, Latge JP, Denning DW, Dyer PS 2005
Antiangiogenic agents: studies on fumagillin and curcumin analogs. Furness MS, Robinson TP, Ehlers T, Hubbard RB 4th, Arbiser JL, Goldsmith DJ, Bowen JP. 2005
Direct Detection of Angioinvasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Immunosuppressed Patients: Preliminary Results with High-Resolution 16-MDCT Angiography Sonnet S, Buitrago-Tellez CH, Tamm M, Christen S, Steinbrich W 2005
Spectrum of fungal keratitis in North India Chowdhary A, Singh K 2005
Development of Aspergillus oryzae thiA promoter as a tool for molecular biological studies Jun-ya Shoji, Jun-ichi Maruyama, Manabu Arioka and Katsuhiko Kitamoto 2005
Toll-Deficient Drosophila Flies as a Fast, High-Throughput Model for the Study of Antifungal Drug Efficacy against Invasive Aspergillosis and Aspergillus Virulence Lionakis MS, Lewis RE, May GS, Wiederhold NP, Albert ND, Halder G, Kontoyiannis DP. 2005
Economic evaluation of voriconazole compared with conventional amphotericin B for the primary treatment of aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients. Wenzel R, Del Favero A, Kibbler C, Rogers T, Rotstein C, Mauskopf J, Morris S, Schlamm H, Troke P, Marciniak A. 2005


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