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cAMP and ras signalling independently control spore germination in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans Fillinger S, Chaveroche MK, Shimizu K, Keller N, d'Enfert C 2002
Advances and challenges in management of invasive mycoses Thomas F Patterson 2005
Minute statement on patulin Expressed by the Scientific Committee on Food during the plenary meeting on 8 March 2005 2005
Improved outcome in central nervous system aspergillosis, using voriconazole treatment Schwartz S, Ruhnke M, Ribaud P, Corey L, Driscoll T, Cornely OA, Schuler U, Lutsar I, Troke P, Thiel E 2005
Overview of Personal Occupational Exposure Levels to Inhalable Dust, Endotoxin, {beta}(1->3)-Glucan and Fungal Extracellular Polysaccharides in the Waste Management Chain Wouters IM, Spaan S, Douwes J, Doekes G, Heederik D. 2006
In vitro testing of fungicidal activity of biocides against Aspergillus fumigatus Tortorano AM, Viviani MA, Biraghi E, Rigoni AL, Prigitano A, Grillot R; EBGA Network 2005
Aspergillus in the immunocompetent. Towards a new classification? Philippe B, Germaud P. 2005
The effects of Aspergillus fumigatus challenge on exhaled and nasal NO levels. Stark HJ, Randell JT, Hirvonen MR, Purokivi MK, Roponen MH, Tukiainen HO. 2005
Aspergillus pulmonary infections in transplant recipients. White DA. 2005
Cryptic speciation in the cosmopolitan and clonal human pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. Pringle A, Baker DM, Platt JL, Wares JP, Latge JP, Taylor JW. 2005


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