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A cysteine/methionine auxotroph of the opportunistic fungus Aspergillus flavus is associated with host-range restriction: a model for emerging diseases Scully LR, Bidochka MJ. 2006
Comparison of the aflR gene sequences of strains in Aspergillus section Flavi. Lee CZ, Liou GY, Yuan GF. 2006
Visualization of the endocytic pathway in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae using an EGFP-fused plasma membrane protein. Higuchi Y, Nakahama T, Shoji JY, Arioka M, Kitamoto K. 2006
The efficacy and tolerability of voriconazole in the treatment of chronic cavitary pulmonary aspergillosis Jain LR, Denning DW 2006
Validation and Clinical Application of Molecular Methods for the Identification of Molds in Tissue P. J. Paterson, S. Seaton, T. D. McHugh, J. McLaughlin, M. Potter, H. G. Prentice, and C. C. Kibbler 2006
Voriconazole treatment for subacute invasive and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Sambatakou H, Dupont B, Lode H, Denning DW 2006
Risk factors for pulmonary Aspergillus terreus infection in patients with positive culture for filamentous fungi Castón JJ, Linares MJ, Gallego C, Rivero A, Font P, Solís F, Casal M, Torre-Cisneros J 2007
Value of antigen and antibody detection, and blood evaluation parameters in diagnosis of avian invasive aspergillosis. Graczyk TK, Cranfield MR, Klein PN 1998
National Guidelines for the Prevention of Nosocomial Invasive Aspergillosis During Construction/Renovation Activities DEVELOPED BY A SUB-COMMITTEE OF THE SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE NATIONAL DISEASE SURVEILLANCE CENTRE 2002
Cloning and expression of pkaC and pkaR, the genes encoding the cAMP-dependent protein kinase of Aspergillus fumigatus Oliver BG, Panepinto JC, Fortwendel JR, Smith DL, Askew DS, Rhodes JC 2002


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