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Cardiodepressant effect of itraconazole - 2001
Some respiratory diseases caused by Aspergillus Dr Walter Blyth 2001
Clothing spreads Aspergillus spores Professor Kay Obendorf 2001
Isolation of Aspergillus lentulus in Spain from a critically ill patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Alhambra A, Catalán M, Moragues MD, Brena S, Pontón J, Montejo JC, del Palacio A 2008
ECMM Special report on Meetings 2000 Christophe d'Enfert,Renee Grillot,Peter-Michael Rath,Malcolm Richardson, Reinhard Ruechel, Markus Ruhnke, Axel Schmidt and Paul Verweij 2000
5300 year-old man dies from A. fumigatus infection? London Times 1995
FDA approves new treatment for invasive infection - 2001
Aspergillus sp. in dwellings and health implications of indoor fungi. Elena Piecková, 2000
Parliamentary committee report on management and control of hospital acquired infections - 2000
FK463, a novel Echinocandin-like antifungal Lipopeptide Andreas H Groll & Thomas J Walsh 2001


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