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Allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS)--earlier diagnosis and management. Singh N, Bhalodiya NH. 2005
Current Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Invasive Aspergillosis. Segal BH, Walsh TJ. 2006
The mitochondrial protein Bak is pivotal for gliotoxin-induced apoptosis and a critical host factor of Aspergillus fumigatus virulence in mice Pardo J, Urban C, Galvez EM, Ekert PG, Muller U, Kwon-Chung J, Lobigs M, Mullbacher A, Wallich R, Borner C, Simon MM 2006
Open-label, randomized comparison of itraconazole versus caspofungin for prophylaxis in patients with hematologic malignancies Mattiuzzi GN, Alvarado G, Giles FJ, Ostrosky-Zeichner L, Cortes J, O'brien S, Verstovsek S, Faderl S, Zhou X, Raad II, Bekele BN, Leitz GJ, Lopez-Roman I, Estey EH 2006
Analysis of the Aspergillus nidulans thaumatin-like cetA gene and evidence for transcriptional repression of pyr4 expression in the cetA-disrupted strain. Greenstein S, Shadkchan Y, Jadoun J, Sharon C, Markovich S, Osherov N. 2006
Itraconazole-Enhanced Chemotherapy Toxicity in a Patient With Hodgkin Lymphoma. Bashir H, Motl S, Metzger ML, Howard SC, Kaste S, Krasin MP, Hudson MM. 2006
A versatile and efficient gene targeting system for Aspergillus nidulans. Nayak T, Szewczyk E, Oakley CE, Osmani A, Ukil L, Murray SL, Hynes MJ, Osmani SA, Oakley BR. 2006
A prospective randomized trial of itraconazole vs fluconazole for the prevention of fungal infections in patients with acute leukemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients Oren I, Rowe JM, Sprecher H, Tamir A, Benyamini N, Akria L, Gorelik A, Dally N, Zuckerman T, Haddad N, Fineman R, Dann EJ 2006
Quantification of mRNA encoding cytokines and chemokines in nasal biopsies from dogs with sino-nasal aspergillosis. Peeters D, Peters IR, Clercx C, Day MJ. 2006
Bronchial airway anastomotic complications after pediatric lung transplantation: incidence, cause, management, and outcome. Choong CK, Sweet SC, Zoole JB, Guthrie TJ, Mendeloff EN, Haddad FJ, Schuler P, De la Morena M, Huddleston CB. 2006


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