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Assessment of a commercial sandwich ELISA in the diagnosis of aspergillosis in falcons. Arca-Ruibal B, Wernery U, Zachariah R, Bailey TA, Di Somma A, Silvanose C, McKinney P. 2006
Epidemiology, outcomes, and costs of invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised children in the United States, 2000. Zaoutis TE, Heydon K, Chu JH, Walsh TJ, Steinbach WJ. 2006
Neutrophils regulate airway responses in a model of fungal allergic airways disease. Park SJ, Wiekowski MT, Lira SA, Mehrad B. 2006
Efficacy of caspofungin against invasive Candida or invasive Aspergillus infections in neutropenic patients. Betts R, Glasmacher A, Maertens J, Maschmeyer G, Vazquez JA, Teppler H, Taylor A, Lupinacci R, Sable C, Kartsonis N. 2006
Deletion analysis of the superoxide dismutase (sodM) promoter from Aspergillus oryzae. Hisada H, Sano M, Ishida H, Hata Y, Abe Y, Machida M 2006
Dynamics of dsRNA mycoviruses in black Aspergillus populations. van Diepeningen AD, Debets AJ, Hoekstra RF. 2006
Physiology and Biotechnology of Aspergillus. Ward OP, Qin WM, Dhanjoon J, Ye J, Singh A. 2005
The product of the SHR3 orthologue of Aspergillus nidulans has restricted range of amino acid transporter targets. Erpapazoglou Z, Kafasla P, Sophianopoulou V. 2006
Evidence of RIP (repeat-induced point mutation) in transposase sequences of Aspergillus oryzae. Montiel MD, Lee HA, Archer DB. 2006
Aspergillus mycotoxins and their effect on the host. Kamei K, Watanabe A 2005


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