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Clinical features in proven and probable invasive fungal disease in children and adolescents at a pediatric referral center: a 5-year experience. Kishimoto K, Kasai M, Kawamura N, Ito Y, Yoshida M, Hasegawa D, Kawasaki K, Kosaka Y. 2019
International Collaborative on Contemporary Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Disease in Children. Steinbach WJ, Fisher BT. 2017
Tuberculosis Status and Coinfection of Pulmonary Fungal Infections in Patients Referred to Reference Laboratory of Health Centers Ghaemshahr City during 2007-2017. Amiri MRJ, Siami R, Khaledi A. 2018
Clinical diagnostic value of spiral CT in invasive pulmonary fungal infection. Wang J, Zhang C, Lin J, Zhang L, Li J, Yang F. 2019
Development and Internal Validation of a Model for Predicting 60-Day Risk of Invasive Mould Disease in Patients with Haematological Malignancies. Stanzani M, Vianelli N, Cavo M, Kontoyiannis DP, Lewis RE. 2019
Intravenous and Tablet Formulation of Posaconazole in Antifungal Therapy and Prophylaxis: A Retrospective, non-Interventional, Multicenter Analysis of Hemato-Oncological Patients Treated in Tertiary-Care Hospitals. Heimann SM, Penack O, Heinz WJ, Rachow T, Egerer G, Kessel J, Claßen AY, Vehreschild JJ. 2019
Oral Antifungal Therapy: Emerging Culprits of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions. Chaudhary RG, Rathod SP, Jagati A, Zankat D, Brar AK, Mahadevia B. 2019
A Bright Future for Fluorescence Imaging of Fungi in Living Hosts. Chapuis AF, Ballou ER, MacCallum DM. 2019
The Hidden Cost of Modern Medical Interventions: How Medical Advances Have Shaped the Prevalence of Human Fungal Disease. Clark C, Drummond RA. 2019
Tissue distribution and penetration of isavuconazole at the site of infection in Experimental Invasive Aspergillosis in Mice with underlying Chronic Granulomatous Disease. Lee A, Prideaux B, Lee MH, Zimmerman M, Dolgov E, Perlin DS, Zhao Y. 2019


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