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Role of laeA in the regulation of alb1, gliP, conidial morphology and virulence in Aspergillus fumigatus Sugui JA, Pardo J, Chang YC, Müllbacher A, Zarember KA, Galvez EM, Brinster L, Zerfas P, Gallin JI, Simon MM, Kwon-Chung KJ 2007
Development of a simple model for studying the effects of antifungal agents on multicellular communities of Aspergillus fumigatus Mowat E, Butcher J, Lang S, Williams C, Ramage G 2007
Voriconazole for the therapy of mycoses in recipients of solid organ transplants / Voriconazol como terapia de las micosis en receptores de Trasplantes de à“rganos Sà³lidos SolÉ A, Salavert M 2007
A new mechanism regulating the initiation of allergic airway inflammation Kiss A, Montes M, Susarla S, Jaensson EA, Drouin SM, Wetsel RA, Yao Z, Martin R, Hamzeh N, Adelagun R, Amar S, Kheradmand F, Corry DB 2007
Factors effecting impact of Aspergillus fumigatus sensitization in cystic fibrosis Kanthan SK, Bush A, Kemp M, Buchdahl R 2007
Aspergillus-induced malignant glaucoma Jain V, Maiti A, Shome D, Borse N, Natarajan S 2007
Diffusion-weighted imaging in brain aspergillosis Charlot M, Pialat JB, Obadia N, Boibieux A, Streichenberger N, Meyronnet D, Cotton F 2007
Comparison of 2 studies of treatment of invasive aspergillosis Denning DW 2007
Reduction of Invasive Aspergillosis Incidence among Immunocompromised Patients after Control of Environmental Exposure Benet T, Nicolle MC, Thiebaut A, Piens MA, Nicolini FE, Thomas X, Picot S, Michallet M, Vanhems P 2007
Transcriptome analysis of the Aspergillus nidulans AtmA (ATM, Ataxia-Telangiectasia mutated) mutant Malavazi I, Savoldi M, da Silva Ferreira ME, Soriani FM, Bonato PS, de Souza Goldman MH, Goldman GH 2007


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