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The monothiol glutaredoxin GrxD is essential for sensing iron starvation in Aspergillus fumigatus Misslinger M, Scheven MT, Hortschansky P, López-Berges MS, Heiss K, Beckmann N, Heigl T, Hermann M, Krüger T, Kniemeyer O, Brakhage AA, Haas H. 2019
Ibrexafungerp: A novel oral glucan synthase inhibitor Davis MR, Donnelley MA, Thompson GR. 2019
In vitro and in vivo characterization of two nonsporulating Aspergillus fumigatus clinical isolates from immunocompetent patients. Zhang Z, Jiang Y, Chen J, Chen P, Kong Q, Lu L, Sang H 2019
Fungal immunology in clinical practice: Magical realism or practical reality? Chang CC, Levitz SM. 2019
Invasive fungal infections in the immunocompromised host: Mechanistic insights in an era of changing immunotherapeutics. Eades CP, Armstrong-James DPH 2019
Beyond biomarkers: How enhanced CT imaging can improve the diagnostic-driven management of invasive mould disease. Stanzani M, Sassi C, Battista G, Lewis RE. 2019
Recent advances and novel approaches in laboratory-based diagnostic mycology. White PL. 2019
Antifungal drugs: What brings the future? Van Daele R, Spriet I, Wauters J, Maertens J, Mercier T, Van Hecke S, Brüggemann R. 2019
QT prolongation in patients with acute leukemia or high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome prescribed antifungal prophylaxis during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. Barreto JN, Cullen MW, Mara KC, Grove ME, Sierzchulski AG, Dahl NJ, Tosh PK, Dierkhising RA, Patnaik MM, Ackerman MJ. 2019
Impact of oral voriconazole during chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome: a Japanese nationwide retrospective cohort study. Tsutsumi I, Kunisawa S, Yoshida C, Seki M, Komeno T, Fushimi K, Morita S, Imanaka Y 2019


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