Biofilms in biodeterioration — a review


L.H.G. Morton, S.B. Surman
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation Volume 34, Issues 3–4, 1994, Pages 203-221


This review defines the various types of biodeterioration processes and discusses the role that microbial films play in the biodeterioration of a number of materials of economic importance. A review of the way in which biofilms may form and attach to surfaces is presented and the occurrence and nature of biofilms is considered.

Included in this review is an account of biodeterioration problems associated with water distribution systems, biocorrosion, plastics, hydrocarbons, paints and coatings and buildings and monuments. The micro-organisms involved include bacteria, fungi and algae, which form members of the biofilm communities responsible for the biodeterioration problems described.