Aspergillus Secondary Metabolite Database, a resource to understand the Secondary metabolome of Aspergillus genus.


Vadlapudi V, Borah N, Yellusani KR, Gade S, Reddy P, Rajamanikyam M, Vempati LNS, Gubbala SP, Chopra P, Upadhyayula SM, Amanchy R.
Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 4;7(1):7325.


Aspergillus is a genus of ubiquitous fungi that are pathologically & therapeutically important. Aspergillus Secondary Metabolites Database (A2MDB) is a curated compendium of information on Aspergillus & its secondary metabolome. A2MDB catalogs 807 unique non-redundantsecondary metabolites derived from 675 Aspergillus species. A2MDB has a compilation of 100 cellular targets of secondary metabolites, 44 secondary metabolic pathways, 150 electron and light microscopy images of various Aspergillus species. A phylogenetic representation of over 2500 strains has been provided. A2MDB presents a detailed chemical information of secondary metabolites and their mycotoxins. Molecular docking models of metabolite-target protein interactions have been put together. A2MDB also has epidemiological data representing Aspergillosis and global occurrence of Aspergillus species. Furthermore a novel classification of Aspergillosis along with 370 case reports with images, were made available. For each metabolite catalogued, external links to related databases have been provided. All this data is available on A2MDB, launched through Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India, as an open resource . We believe A2MDB is of practical relevance to the scientific community that is in pursuit of novel therapeutics.