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Regional differences in the prevalence of sensitization to environmental allergens: Analysis on IgE antibody testing conducted at major clinical testing laboratories throughout Japan from 2002 to 2011. Minami T, Fukutomi Y, Inada R, Tsuda M, Sekiya K, Miyazaki M, Tsuji F, Taniguchi M. 2019
Risks associated with pathogenic fungi isolated from surgical centers, intensive care units, and materials sterilization center in hospitals. Risks associated with pathogenic fungi isolated from critical hospital areas. de Oliveira MT, Batista NKR, Gil ES, Silva MDRR, Costa CR, Bara MTF, Torres IMS 2020
Occupational Exposures to Organic Dust in Irish Bakeries and a Pizzeria Restaurant. Viegas C, Fleming GTA, Kadir A, Almeida B, Caetano LA, Quintal Gomes A, Twarużek M, Kosicki R, Viegas S, Coggins AM. 2020
Microbial load of indoor airborne bacteria and fungi in a teaching hospital in Ghana Enoch Kwaku Larrey, Jacob Nii Ayitey Laryea, Stephen Wilson Kpordze and Courage Kosi Setsoafia Saba* 2020
Indoor Microbiome: Quantification of Exposure and Association with Geographical Location, Meteorological Factors, and Land Use in France. Rocchi S, Reboux G, Scherer E, Laboissière A, Zaros C, Rouzet A, Valot B, Khan S, Dufourg MN, Leynaert B, Raherison C, Millon L. 2020
Assessment of Airborne Bacterial and Fungal Communities in Selected Areas of Teaching Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Sivagnanasundaram P, Amarasekara RWK, Madegedara RMD, Ekanayake A, Magana-Arachchi DN. 2019
Are workers from waste sorting industry really protected by wearing Filtering Respiratory Protective Devices? The gap between the myth and reality. Viegas C, Dias M, Almeida B, Aranha Caetano L, Carolino E, Quintal Gomes A, Twarużek M, Kosicki R, Grajewski J, Marchand G, Viegas S 2019
Domestic Mould Exposure and Invasive Aspergillosis-Air Sampling of Aspergillus Spp. Spores in Homes of Hematological Patients, a Pilot Study K E Schweer, B Jakob, B Liss, H Christ, G Fischer, Mjgt Vehreschild, O A Cornely, J J Vehreschild. 2016
Abridged version of the AWMF guideline for the medical clinical diagnostics of indoor mould exposure. Gerhard A. Wiesmüller, Birger Heinzow, Ute Aurbach, Karl-Christian Bergmann, Albrecht Bufe, Walter Buzina, Oliver A. Cornely, Steffen Engelhart, Guido Fischer, Thomas Gabrio, Werner Heinz, Caroline E. W. Herr, Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Ludger Klimek, Martin Köberle, Herbert Lichtnecker, Thomas Lob-Corzilius, Rolf Merget, Norbert Mülleneisen, Dennis Nowak, Uta Rabe, Monika Raulf, Hans Peter Seidl, Jens-Oliver Steiß, Regine Szewszyk, Peter Thomas, Kerttu Valtanen, Julia Hurraß 2017
Occurrence and risk assessment of azole antifungal drugs in water and wastewater. Assress HA, Nyoni H, Mamba BB, Msagati TAM. 2019