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Target quantification of azole antifungals and retrospective screening of other emerging pollutants in wastewater effluent using UHPLC -QTOF-MS. Assress HA, Nyoni H, Mamba BB, Msagati TAM. 2019
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Identifying risk factors for exposure to culturable allergenic moulds in energy efficient homes by using highly specific monoclonal antibodies. Sharpe RA, Cocq KL, Nikolaou V, Osborne NJ, Thornton CR. 2019
Respiratory symptoms and fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) among students in Penang, Malaysia in relation to signs of dampness at school and fungal DNA in school dust Norbäck D, Hashim JH, Hashim Z, Cai GH, Sooria V, Ismail SA, Wieslander G. 2019
Estimating Aspergillus fumigatus exposure from outdoor composting activities in England between 2005 and 14 B. Williams, P. Douglas, A. Roca Barcelo, A.L. Hansell, E. Hayes 2019