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The truth about spices Sandrine Ceurstemont (for New Scientist) 2018
Acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis triggered by Aspergillus empyema. Suzuki A, Kimura T, Kataoka K, Matsuda T, Yokoyama T, Mori Y, Kondoh Y. 2018
Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Isavuconazole. McCarthy MW, Moriyama B, Petraitiene R, Walsh TJ, Petraitis V. 2018
Aspergillus prevalence in air conditioning filters from vehicles: taxis for patient transportation, forklifts, and personal vehicles. Viegas C, Moreira R, Faria T, Caetano LA, Carolino E, Gomes AQ, Viegas S. 2018
The burden of Invasive Aspergillosis in patients with haematological malignancy: A meta-analysis and systematic review. van de Peppel RJ, Visser LG, Dekkers OM, de Boer MGJ. 2018
Direct in vitro comparison of the prodrug isavuconazonium sulfate with the isavuconazole active compound against Aspergillus spp. and 2 rare moulds Pfaller MA, Rhomberg PR, Castanheira M. 2018
Isavuconazole Concentration in Real-world Practice: Consistency with Results from Clinical Trials. Andes D, Kovanda L, Desai A, Kitt T, Zhao M, Walsh TJ. 2018
Role of preoperative versus postoperative itraconazole in allergic fungal rhinosinusitis. Verma RK, Patro SK, Francis AA, Panda NK, Chakrabarti A, Singh P. 2018
Identification of Aspergillus sections Flavi, Nigri, and Fumigati and their differentiation using specific primers. Ashtiani NM, Kachuei R, Yalfani R, Harchegani AB, Nosratabadi M. 2018
[Galactomannan Tests of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid for Diagnosing Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis]. [Article in Chinese] Deng J1, Wu SY1, Liu Y1, Ma Y1, Xie Y1, Chen ZX1, Dai ZQ1, Deng JL1, Kang M1. 2018


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