Recommendations for the treatment of established fungal infections


Thursky KA, Playford EG, Seymour JF, Sorrell TC, Ellis DH, Guy SD, Gilroy N, Chu J, Shaw DR

Date: 24 November 2008


Evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of established fungal infections inthe adult haematology/oncology setting were developed by a national consensusworking group representing clinicians, pharmacists and microbiologists.These updated guidelines replace the previous guidelines published inthe Internal Medicine Journal by Slavin et al. in 2004. The guidelines arepathogen-specific and cover the treatment of the most common fungal infectionsincluding candidiasis, aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, zygomycosis, fusariosis,scedosporiosis, and dermatophytosis. Recommendations are provided formanagement of refractory disease or salvage therapies, and special sites ofinfections such as the cerebral nervous system and the eye. Because of thewidespread use newer broad-spectrum triazoles in prophylaxis and empirictherapy, these guidelines should be implemented in concert with the updatedprophylaxis and empiric therapy guidelines published by this group.

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