Primary paranasal Aspergillus granuloma in Saudi Arabia


Dawlatly EE, Anim JT, Sowayan S, el-Hassan AY

Date: 15 May 2009


Respiratory aspergillosis has been described in many parts of the world; but primary paranasal aspergillus granuloma (PPAG), a recognised, distinct entity, has been described almost exclusively in Africa–specifically in the Sudan. The first case of PPAG in Saudi Arabia with bilateral involvement of paranasal sinuses is described. In view of the geographical similarities between Northern Sudan and Saudi Arabia, it is suggested that some of the granulomatous inflammatory conditions occurring in Saudi Arabia for which no definite aetiological agent has been ascribed may fall into this category. Increased awareness of the condition, together with the use of serological methods currently in use in the Sudan may help in defining the condition properly in this locality.

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