Oxalosis associated with an aspergillus niger fungus ball. Report of a case


Severo LC, Londero AT, Geyer GR, Picon PD

Date: 15 April 2008


During a seventeen day period an A. niger fungus ball evolved within a healed tuberculous cavity of a patient. Symptoms were a cough with a chocolate brown expectoration and dyspnea. The patient died and necropsy was performed. Crystals of calcium oxalate were deposited in the cavity lining and in the adjacent tissue of the lung. Fibrosis, mononuclear infiltration and intraalveolar purulent exudate were seen in these tissues. Some small vessels presented recent thrombosis and deposition of calcium oxalate. The bronchus connected with the cavity presented a disrupted epithelial layer, edema, polymorphonuclear infiltration and birefringent crystals. Scattered areas of tubular atrophy, glomerular sclerosis and lymphoid infiltration were seen in the cortex of the kidney. Oxalate crystals were also seen within the renal tubuli.

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