Fungal keratitis in the State of Paranà¡ – Brazil: Clinical, epidemiological and diagnostic findings


AC Carvalho, HI Ruthes, M Maia, et al.

Date: 4 April 2004


Fungal keratites is more prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions, such asBrazil, and causes high morbidity. Usually, it is preceded by underlying conditionslike ocular trauma or immunosuppression. The diagnosis is confirmed bythe demonstration of the etiologic agent in the clinical specimen.Data were analysed from 49 patients with fungal keratitis observed inOphthalmologic Division of Hospital de Clà­nicas, Federal University of Paranà¡,from 1983 to 1997. The diagnosis was confirmed by culture and/ or direct examination.Of the cases studied, 22% were diagnosed only by direct examination;50% by isolation in culture and 26% by the association of the both methods. Themost prevalent etiologic agents were: Fusarium sp. (32%), Aspergillus sp.(16,5%) and Penicillium sp. (10%).

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