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Development and evaluation of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes for the rapid detection of clinically relevant microorganisms Cerqueira, L. 2012
Effects of Copper-Carbon Core-Shell Nanoparticles on Bald Cypress Seedlings, Bipolaris sorokiniana and a Cinara sp Li, Yongsheng 2012
Establishment of infection models and insights into the pathogenesis of invasive aspergillosis mediated by Aspergillus terreus Slesiona, Silvia 2012
Antifungal drug discovery: Identification and characterization of potent, broad-spectrum antifungal compounds via a yeast reporter bioassay Tebbets, Bradley Mark 2012
Predictive mycology and use of natural antifungals to prevent the mycotoxin food hazard García, Daiana 2012
The Role of Galectin-3 in Dendritic Cell Functions Fermin, Agnes Anne 2012
Development of biorefineries using renewable raw materials for the production of biodegradable polymers López García, Isabel 2012
A time course analysis of the extracellular proteome and transcriptome of Aspergillus nidulans growing on sorghum stover Saykhedkar, Sayali Subhash 2012
Saccharothrix algeriensis NRRL B-24137: biocontrol properties, colonization and induced systemic resistance towards Botrytis cinerea on grapevine and Arabidopsis thaliana Muzammil, Saima 2012
Intercompartmental streaming in Aspergillus Bleichrodt, R. 2012
Prevention and diagnostics of invasive fungal infections in acute leukaemia and allogeneic stem cell transplantation Nihtinen, Anne 2012
I. Investigating the Mechanism of Hoechst 33258 Inhibition of Candida spp. Growth and II. RNA Internal Loops with Tandem AG Pairs: The Structure of the 5'GAGU/3'U GAG Loop Can Be Dramatically Different from Others, Including 5'AAGU/3'UGAA Hammond, Nicholas Brent 2012
Development of fermentation process for fungal fucoidanases production Rodríguez-Jasso, Rosa María 2012
Target Discovery and Validation for Immunodiagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis Chaves, Sindy J. 2012
Genetic engineering of turfgrass for enhanced performance under environmental stress Zhou, Man 2012
Nitrate transport and assimilation in Aspergillus nidulans Akhtar, Naureen 2012
Using soybean and corn processing co-products in different fermentation systems Lio, Jun Yi 2012
Oxepine-pyrimidinone natural products : the total synthesis of (±)-janoxepin Doveston, Richard Gerard 2012
Mutational and topological analysis of Fks1: a novel model for echinocandin action Johnson, Michael E. 2012
Laboratory epidemiology and mechanisms of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus Bueid, Ahmed 2012