Re: aspergillosis

Michael Day
October 02, 2006 08:49AM

I am presuming that your concern here is for the dog - and the risks of him/her developing canine nasal aspergillosis through this occupational exposure?

You will find information on nasal aspergillosis on the website. It is a significant disease of the dog - but there is little known about risk and predisposing factors.

The long-nosed ('dolicocephalic') breeds are thought to be at greater risk - possibly related to the increased contact between inhaled spores and nasal mucosa, but it is impossible to determine which individual might be susceptible. There is also anecdotal suggestion that German Shepherd dogs might develop nasal (as well as disseminated) aspergillosis more frequently than other breeds.

I hope that is of some help.

Michael Day
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Sadie June 14, 2006 01:29PM

Re: aspergillosis

Michael Day October 02, 2006 08:49AM

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