Cleaning tips for a new virulent allergic outburst!

Mike Boumphrey
December 12, 2011 03:18PM
Hi guys was wondering if you could help answer these questions as I've been driven mad recently:

This is just to set the scene: in the last few years I got ill with a bad cough and found I started coughing every time I entered a room in our old house that had had a leaky shower. In the end my symptoms were triggered when I was also in the car and we had to sell it and get another one. Then my symptoms spread to the rest of the house, so we sold that. Then we had to sell another car...

So with a new house and a new car everything was ok for a while. But then one room got infected with aspergillus spores. Because of my experiences in the old house I never go in that room, only my wife goes in there, and it's been ok for about 18 months except it's where our utility room, it's where our back door is, and it's where our washing maching is.

My consultant suspects I have ABPA and I have had asthma since I was 5. (tests are just coming back - I'm quite new to treatment although I've been having symptoms for several years now).

Anyway, my questions are:

a) Is it really possible that aspergillus or other moulds can be transferred from surface to surface so easily in this way? eg could I have been able to pick up a virulent dose of toxic aspergillus on my clothes just from sitting down on a chair which was able to transfer into my new car and infect, severel changes of clothes and a few rooms in the house despite repeated hoovering, washing, and airing, as I feel it all happening again on my return from the chest clinic last monday (a place where I would imagine other people might be infected).

b) What advice would you have out there for clearing the fabrics of aspergillus/ other mould, particularly for the car as I really don't want to have to sell a third car because of this illness.

c) Normally I can get by on a mild dose of steroids, as long as I'm not exposed to the apsergillus with no symptoms. presently I have constant pain in the chest, but the cough is not there at the moment (thankfully!) How does this compare with other people?

Thanks for bearing with me on this ramble as it's my first post!

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Cleaning tips for a new virulent allergic outburst!

Mike Boumphrey December 12, 2011 03:18PM

Re: Cleaning tips for a new virulent allergic outburst!

GAtherton April 13, 2012 03:22PM

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