Re: aspergillus on lung biopsy

February 18, 2010 06:50PM
You probably saw your specilaist already.

My approach to this is to:
1) Do Aspergillus IgG antibodies, also called precipitins (blood) and ask for a titre, if positive. This can be used for following progress.
2) Ascertain if it was all removed from the lung or not. If it was, then observation appropriate. If a chance of some left, then a course of itraconazole (ie 2-6 months, depening on tolerance and Aspergillus antibody test result)
3) Continue to observe for months and years with repeat chest Xrays (3-6 month intervals for 2 years) and repeat Aspergillus antibody titres.

It is unlikely that the spots in the liver and splen are the same thing.

Of cource there may be other factors that I don't know that would alter this course of action, but this is the 'standard' appraoch for me. I should say almost nothing is published on this and there will be a wide variety of appraoches taken, some of which may be superior to that outlines above.

David Denning
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aspergillus on lung biopsy

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Re: aspergillus on lung biopsy

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