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David Denning
April 18, 1999 10:15PM
This is rare situation. I assume you have no underlying reason why you should have this such as diabetes, HIV infection, steroid treatment etc. You should have your neutrophil function checked to exclude amild form of chronic granulomatous disease.
I would recommend referral to an infectious disease specialist, preferably with an interest in fungi. The needle biopsy needs to be looked at carefully to try and identify which fungus you have. You need to have your aspergillus antibody test done. You will probably need a CT scan of the chest (if you have not had one already) to see the extent of infection and accurately size it.
I would treat medically now and avoid surgery, probably. This doses depend on the site of the shadow in the lungs though.
Ask again if things remain opaque!
Dr D. W. Denning
> A recent needle biopsy showed a fungus ball in my upper left lung. The sample was not cultured so, according to my Dr., it may be Aspargillus or something else. I have no other lung diseas and no lung cavities, and no symptoms. The nodule was discovered during a routine chest x-ray.. The Dr. says this is very uncommon. He recommends periodic x-rays to see if it is spreading, although a surgeon he consulted suggested surgery via thoracoscopy. I am unsure what to do because my amature web research indicates that this could have dire consequences. I will probably seek a second opinion. Has anyone had experience with a case such as this?
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