Secondary metabolites trivial name - ochratoxin B
Species A. acanthosporus, A. albertensis, A. alliaceus, A. auricomus, A. carbonarius, A. ochraceopetaliformis, A. ochraceus, A. sclerotiorum, A. sulphureus, A. wentii
Systematic name N-[(8-Hydroxy-3-methyl-1-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-isochromen-7-yl)carbonyl]phenylalanine Alanine, N-[(8-hydroxy-3-methyl-1-oxo-7-isochromanyl)carbonyl]-3-phenyl-, (-)- 4825-86-9
Molecular formulae C20H19NO6
Molecular weight 369.368
Chemical abstracts number 4825-86-9
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Selected references Varga J, Kevei E, Rinyu E, Teren J, Kozakiewicz Z. Ochratoxin production by Aspergillus species. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1996 Dec;62(12):4461-4.
Toxicity Very much less toxic than ochratoxin A with an oral LD50 in day-old chicks of 54 mg/kg body weight.
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