Secondary metabolites trivial name - fumigaclavine C
Species A. fumigatus
Systematic name Ergolin-9-ol, 2-(1,1-dimethyl-2-propenyl)-6,8-dimethyl-, acetate (ester), (8-beta,9-beta)-
Molecular formulae C23H30N2O2
Molecular weight 366.497
Chemical abstracts number 62867-47-4
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Selected references COLE RJ ; KIRKSEY JW ; DORNER JW ; WILSON DM ; JOHNSON J C JR ; JOHNSON AN ; BEDELL DM ; SPRINGER JP ; CHEXAL KK ; ET AL. J AGRIC FOOD CHEM; 25 (4). 1977 826-830. Mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus fumigatus species isolated from molded silage.
Toxicity The clavine alkaloids, fumigaclavine A, a new alkaloid designated fumigaclavine C and several tremorgens belonging to the fumitremorgen group were produced by A. fumigatus strains isolated from molded silage. The LD50 of fumigaclavine C was about 150 mg/kg oral dose in day-old cockerels. Calves dosed with crude extracts of A. fumigatus cultures experienced severe diarrhea, irritability and loss of appetite. Postmortem examination showed serous enteritis and evidence of interstitial changes in the lungs; abnormal changes were not found in other tissues.
Structure diagram
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