Secondary metabolites trivial name - aflatoxin M1
Species A. flavus, A. parasiticus
Systematic name Cyclopenta[c]furo[3',2':4,5]furo[2,3-h][1]benzopyran-1,11-dione, 2,3,6a,9a-tetrahydro-9a-hydroxy-4-methoxy-, (6aR-cis)-
Molecular formulae C17H12O7
Molecular weight 328.28
Chemical abstracts number 6795-23-9
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Selected references Nakazato, Mitsuo; Morozumi, Satoshi; Saito, Kazuo; Fujinuma, Kenji; Nishima, Taichiro; Kasai, Nobuhiko (Dep. Food Hyg. and Nutr., Tokyo Metrop. Res. Lab. Public Health, Tokyo 169, Japan). Eisei Kagaku, 37(2), 107-16 (English) 1991.
Toxicity Slightly less toxic than aflatoxin B1 with an oral LD50 for the one day-old duckling 0.46 mg/kg body-weight. Significantly less carcinogenic than aflatoxin B1.
Structure diagram
3D Structure
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