Microfungi.net is designed to teach the identification of fungal infection by direct (wet) microscopy and by histology in a full range of tissue specimens. All that is required is a simple microscope. For histology you will learn how to make stains and correctly interpret them. The use of simple microscopy is a more rapid method than direct culture and often more effective. These skills will assist a rapid diagnosis of a fungal infection in a patient and improve the chances of early treatment.

Invasive Mycoses: Emerging Paradigms & Practical Applications

Invasive Mold Infections: Emerging Approaches is an interactive, enduring activity based on a satellite symposium held during IDWeek 2016. This activity is designed to aid specialists in the treatment of invasive mold infections, complete with up-to-date diagnostics and relevant treatment options pertinent to the optimal management within a historically challenging and ever-changing field.